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LMI Waiver Loans

LMI (Loan Mortgage Insurance) Waiver products are specifically designed for professionals with solid income and good job stability. The median Sydney house price is now $1.6m. That means you need around $400k in deposit and stamp duty. Otherwise, you will be liable to pay around $30-40k+ in LMI.  

We believe there is a better way. LMI is not a necessity for many professionals who have the ability to access our LMI waiver lending providers. 

We work with a range of lenders that offer different packages, rates and limits for various scenarios.


Applicants must be an Australian Citizen, New Zealand Citizen or Select Permanent Residents, be employed in the same professional industry for three years and have a clear credit history.

Suitable Industries

We are currently assisting LMI waiver applicants who specialise and work in the following fields:


Learn more about each professional in our LMI Waiver Guides


LMI Waiver products can include the ability to refinance and reduce your interest rate as the value of your property grows. Our expert team will guide you through this process.


Our new LMI Waiver professional products, have a new unique equity accelerator repayment method, meaning you pay off your loan sooner, without an increase in monthly repayments. Offset accounts and reduced fees are also available. 

Esho Capital - LMI Waiver for Professionals

Premium Finance Support Team

Esho Capital - LMI Waiver Team Support
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