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Our projects are focused on the $500-750k price range which makes them ideal for investors and first home buyers. Australia has a chronic shortage of appropriate houses, and we believe that this price point provides the greatest investment yield and access to enter the market. 

Within this price point, our preference is for boutique townhouse in high growth areas where stand-alone house have become unaffordable.

Our focus is on the Melbourne metro market because of three key reasons. Firstly, Melbourne is a well established, globally recognised city with billions of infrastructure investment in the pipeline. Secondly, Melbourne is 30-40% cheaper than Sydney on a like for like basis. 

And thirdly, Melbourne's population will continue to grow at a faster rate compared to Sydney as more international migrants arrive in Australia.

We partner with planners, architects and builders who are known in the market and respected by their peers. We prefer family owned businesses where we can work directly with the owners. Reputation and integrity are our key performance indicators.

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